Great Firefox Addons for working with Confluence

I admit it. I am constantly in Firefox, often with 30 to 50 tabs open, trying to get my work as a Confluence Administrator and JIRA Administrator done. Working on these apps in multiple regions, nosing around the great Atlassian forums, doing bulk updates as quickly as I can… does this sound familiar?

I’ve found the following Firefox addons immensely helpful. I think you will too.

It’s All Text!

It’s All Text is probably my favorite of them all.

Frustrated by the size of the editor window and longing for a ‘power user’ editor like UltraEdit or UEStudio, It’s All Text! adds a small Edit button underneath any edit box shown in your browser.

Edit button

The Edit button appears under each edit box shown on your web page.


With TXTlinkTab, you simply select one more links that appear as text within a web page. Then, right-click and choose ‘Open URLS in New Tab’ to have each selected URL in a new tab.

The TXTlinkTAB context menu

If you’ve learned how to construct direct URLs to Wiki functionality and have compiled a list of pages against which you need to take action (perhaps by using SQL), then TXTlinkTAB makes quick work of it all.

The current version of TXTlinkTAB is 1.2.2 is not marked as being compatible with Firefox v3.6. However, it actually works fine. To work around this, go to the TXTlinkTAB web site, download the .xpi file by right-clicking on the Install TXTlinkTAB button and choosing Save Target As to save it on your desktop. Then, open the .xpi file in a program like 7-zip or Winzip and edit the install.rdf file so it has an em:maxVersion set to 3.6.*: 3.6.*. Update the archive and then you will be able to install it under Firefox v3.6.

Colorful Tabs

Colorful Tabs, as the name indicates, changes the color of your tabs, making each easy to distinguish. More importantly, you can can define a Preset so that the tabs for certain sites are always opened in the same color.

I use this to color-code our various Wiki and JIRA regions (DEV in green, QAR in yellow, STAGE in orange and PROD in red), to give me a gentle reminder regarding which region I’m working in, so I don’t inadvertently do something in one region when I meant to do it in another.

To define a preset, right-click on a tab and choose Colorful Tabs then Options.

Choose Options to define a Preset.

Choose Options to define a Preset.

Click the Presets tab and select the Enable Preset Domain Colors checkbox. You can then input as many domains as you like and set their colors as desired.

Setting Preset domain colors

Setting Preset domain colors

You also recolor a tab on the fly, which can make a tab easier to find when you have dozens of tabs open.

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