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Any power Confluence user or Confluence Administrator will find it helpful,at times, to use direct URLS to access Confluence functionality. Why? Because sometimes a user has messed up their page or space so much that the menus won’t display. Or perhaps it’s because I’m helping jumpstart the creation of their space’s content, or correct some mistakes they’ve made.

In those instances, it’s wonderful to have the direct URL in order to get right to the page or function you need.

It’s also very helpful to use the direct URL — coupled with some great Firefox add-ons and some knowledge of how to get Confluence data via a SQL query — to allow you to quickly and painless take action on a group of pages without having to resort to the Confluence command line interface or Confluence Remote API.

Determining the Confluence Base URL

To begin, you must know your Confluence Base URL. Go to the Admin Console in Confluence, then choose ‘General Configuration’ from the Configuration section.

General Configuration section

The Confluence Base URL is shown on the right, labeled as ‘Server Base URL.’

The Base URL is configured under the Site Configuration settings.

General Configuration section


Building URLS to Confluence functionality

Append the following URLs to the Confluence Base URL to build a URL that will link directly to a Confluence screen or process.

Simply replace {spacekey}, {pageid}, {userid}, {filename} and {fileversion} with the appropriate value.

Admin functions

Function/Process URL (appended after Confluence Base URL)
Admin console /admin/console.action
Plugins /plugins/servlet/upm
Display Confluence System classpath /admin/classpath.action
Rebuilding the Ancestor table /admin/permissions/pagepermsadmin.action , then
click Rebuild Ancestor Table button
User Macros /admin/usermacros.action
Configure languages /admin/configurelanguage.action
Configure security /admin/viewsecurityconfig.action
Manage users /admin/users/browseusers.action
Manage groups /admin/users/browsegroups.action
Global permissions /admin/permissions/globalpermissions.action
User directories /plugins/servlet/embedded-crowd/directories/list
Themes /admin/choosetheme.action
Layouts /admin/listdecorators.action
Stylesheet /admin/viewstylesheet.action
Global logo /admin/configuregloballogo.action
Custom HTM /admin/viewcustomhtml.action
System information /admin/systeminfo.action
Backup & restore /admin/backup.action
Content indexing /admin/search-indexes.action
Cache statistics /admin/cachestatistics.action
Scheduled jobs /admin/scheduledjobs/viewscheduledjobs.action
Atlassian support tools /plugins/servlet/stp/view/

Non-Admin Functions

Function/Process URL (appended after Confluence Base URL)
Login /login.action
Logout /logout.action
Attachments – View/Add /pages/viewpageattachments.action?pageId=<pageid>
Attachments – Remove /pages/removeattachment.action?pageId=<pageid>&fileName=<filename>&version=<version>
Attachments – Download All /pages/downloadallattachments.action?pageId=<pageid>
Blogpost – Edit /pages/editblogpost.action?pageId=<pageid>
Groups /admin/users/browsegroups.action?startIndex=__
Label – add SPACE label /spaces/addlabeltospace.action?newSpaceLabel=<labelname>&key=<spacekey>
Label – remove SPACE label /spaces/removelabelfromspace.action?labelId=<labelID>&key=<spacekey>
Label – add TEAM label /spaces/addteamlabeltospace.action?newSpaceLabel=<labelname>&key=<spacekey>
Label – add PAGE label Append ?addLabel=labela,labelb to the edit page URL for the page (requires add-label-from-url user macro)
Label – Label management /plugins/stickylabel/addstickylabel.action?spaceKey=<spacekey>&pageId=6<pageid>
Layout – Revert space layout to default layout /spaces/resetdecorator.action?decoratorName=decorators/space.vmd&key=<spacekey>
Page – Add /pages/createpage.action?spaceKey=<spacekey>&fromPageId=<pageid>
Page – Edit /pages/editpage.action?pageId=<pageid>
Page – Remove /pages/removepage.action?pageId=<pageid>
Page – Favorite /labels/addfavourite.action?entityId=<labelid>
Page – Unfavorite /labels/removefavourite.action?entityId=<labelid>
Page – Copy /pages/copypage.action?idOfPageToCopy=<pageid>&spaceKey=<spacekey>
Page – View /pages/viewpage.action?pageId=<pageid>
Page – View Markup
Page – View w/o redirect <URL> with this added at end ?redirect=false
Page History – View /pages/viewpreviousversions.action?pageId=<pageid>
Page – Info /pages/viewinfo.action?pageId=<pageid>
Search Confluence /dosearchsite.action?where=<spacekey>&spaceSearch=true&queryString=<query string to search>
Space – View Space Directory /spacedirectory/view.action
Space – Administration /spaces/spaceadmin.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – All Pages /pages/listpages-dirview.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Choose Space Layout /builder/configuretheme.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – View undefined links /pages/listundefinedpages.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Edit space labels /spaces/editspacelabels.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Export /spaces/exportspace.action?key=general
Space – Hierarchy /pages/listpages-dirview.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Manage Advanced Space Information /spaces/viewspacesummary.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Manage users/groups (if using CSUM plugin) /customspacemgmt/permissions/custompermissionsmanage.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Reset to default Layout /spaces/resetdecorator.action?decoratorName=decorators/space.vmd&key=<spacekey>
Space – Remove /spaces/removespace.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Start watching /spaces/addspacenotification.action?key=<spacekey>
Space – Stop watching /spaces/removespacenotification.action?key=<spacekey>
User’s groups – Edit /admin/users/editusergroups-start.action?username=<userid>
User’s Profile /display/~<userid>

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5 Responses to URLs to access Confluence Wiki functionality

  1. Billy March 10, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Again, like the Confluence SQL Queries post, I’m a year late getting to this content, but it’s very useful!

  2. Jodie Miners April 7, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    Love this list and am going to add another:
    Check for broken links: /pages/listundefinedpages.action?key={spacekey}

  3. Jodie Miners September 1, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Search the space (helpful when you want to search Confluence Content from an external site).

    /dosearchsite.action?where={spacekey}&spaceSearch=true&queryString={query string to search}

    • Betsy December 31, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

      Thanks Jodie! I added both of them, plus a few more.

  4. ankur November 9, 2011 at 12:31 am #

    Post is really helpfull but i want to retrieve all attachments from a wiki site to prepare the inventory for the site & i dont have all page ids,could you pls help me to find the solution

    Thanks in advance!

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