JIRA Tip: Leveraging the Project description

Luckily for us JIRA Administrators, a Project Administrator can themselves control who can access their project. Assuming the JIRA Administrator set up the Security Scheme utilizing project roles rather than groups, then the Project Administer can add and remove people from those roles to determine their level of access.

How does a typical JIRA user know who to contact to request access to a particular JIRA project? My suggestion is to leverage the project’s Description field.

When configuring a JIRA project, you can specify a Description field which can be plain text or HTML. In addition to describing the project, also include text about who to contact to request further access.

<div style="color: #8c2224;">
This project is used to request support or other work regarding any of our internal collaboration tools, including the Wiki, JIRA, Lotus Connections and Sharepoint.

To request access to this project, please contact any of the following Project Administrators:
   <li>Mark Gosling, ext. 1412</li>
   <li>Sharon Wallace, ext. 3390</li>


One Response to JIRA Tip: Leveraging the Project description

  1. Matt Doar January 16, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    I agree, the project description is a great place to tell people to look first.
    I’ve even used it in the past as a place to store extra information about the project in a structured manner.

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