Persuading your organization to use JIRA

Most organizations have hundreds of things that are tracked: work requests, physical inventory, project artifacts, and many more. Maybe they’ve heard of JIRA and maybe they haven’t. However, if you know and love JIRA like I do, it will become your mission in life to “sell” them on the advantages of adopting JIRA.


Step 1 – Educate them on JIRA’s benefits

Tell them what JIRA is, and how it can benefit them. Below is a presentation I prepared to try to accomplish this. Feel free to use it directly or plagiarize from it… or share in the comments what other capabilities you feel should be communicated those in your organization who will make the purchase decision as well as those who would be using JIRA.

If you can’t see the slides below, you can download it:
Slides: Powerpoint Keynote PDF Handout: PDF

Step 2 – Let your customers be your evangelists

If you’ve successfully launched JIRA in your organization, ask the people using what they like about JIRA. If you also use Confluence, put up a “JIRA Testimonials” page and send a link to it to everyone who sees your presentation from Step 1 and/or who expresses an interest in JIRA.

Here are some of the quotes I got from the projects I’ve released. Coming straight from a JIRA user (with attribution of course, if they are willing) is very persuasive!

I like that it keeps all the information in one place so organization is simple. I am no longer keeping my hardcopy files. JIRA is my new filing system.

Since Jan 1, 2010, 730 submissions have been received and processed through JIRA. The process in <previous system> used to take an average of 20 minutes per submission to process. The process in JIRA takes an average of 5 minutes per submission to process.

Dashboards provide each User with a customized view of their own work and/or those for their departments. Dashboards contain ‘live data’ – reducing the follow-up calls or emails for a status update from the submitter

Email notifications, follow-ups and reports involved an abundance of manual processes making it difficult for someone to handle the process during vacation/sick times. All of these processes have been automated through JIRA – which leads to a more cost effective and efficient process.

Overall I liked JIRA…took me a bit to get used to but it was great to see all of my issues, the progress, who is working on it and when it is resolved. The ability to add screen shots was a snap which is so important with this.

I actually thought the interface was nice and straightforward – and easy to use too – so all good. Moving this process from email requests to JIRA has simplifed things a great deal and allowed us
to better track and follow-up on items. We used to have a gap in the process that caused problems for reporting but JIRA has helped to resolve that. Users enjoy how easy JIRA is to use and the fact that they can go in and track their own items.

More to come

I’ve only just scratched the surface of what can be done to allow your organization to fully leverage JIRA. Stay tuned for more blog posts!

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3 Responses to Persuading your organization to use JIRA

  1. Robin Tritta June 15, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    Hi, Betsy
    Hope you’re doing well. I thought you’d be interested to hear I used this presentation for a meeting with Jeanine to get her buy-in to develop a JIRA Project for L&D. I received positive feedback about my presentation. This saved me a great deal of effort!


  2. Robin Tritta June 30, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    Wanted to let you know I used your presentation to help my team learn about the benefits of JIRA. It helped me keep everything at the right level for my audience. Thanks for sharing! I am loving it for the Documentation group! Now we are collaborating with the Annuity Call Center and JIRA makes it so much easier!

    • Betsy August 3, 2012 at 6:24 am #

      Excellent, Robin! I’m glad it was helpful, and that your group is doing more and more with JIRA!

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