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URLs to access Confluence functionality

URLs to access Confluence Wiki functionality

Any power Confluence user or Confluence Administrator will find it helpful,at times, to use direct URLS to access Confluence functionality. Why? Because sometimes a user has messed up their page or space so much that the menus won’t display. Or perhaps it’s because I’m helping jumpstart the creation of their space’s content, or correct some […]

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You can define preset colors based on the domain of the URL

Great Firefox Addons for working with Confluence

I admit it. I am constantly in Firefox, often with 30 to 50 tabs open, trying to get my work as a Confluence Administrator and JIRA Administrator done. Working on these apps in multiple regions, nosing around the great Atlassian forums, doing bulk updates as quickly as I can… does this sound familiar? I’ve found […]

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Use SQL to quickly get information out of Confluence

All too often, speed and results take precedence over learning other (often better) ways of doing things. Such is the case with getting information out of Confluence. Ideally, I would be a whiz at the Reporting plugin and we would have installed all of the Confluence plugins that could be useful to Administrators, regardless of […]

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