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Documenting your JIRA project

I’m a big fan of good documentation because it: Protects my employer against the Mac Truck Theory. Saves me from the pain of forgetting something important. Helps everyone involved understand how all the pieces fit together to achieve their desired end result. Ensures the Quality Assurance team knows what to test. I create a set […]

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Examples of message boxes

JIRA Tip: Using Message Fields

The Message Custom Fields provided by the JIRA Toolkit plugin have many great uses. In this post, I’d like to show several of my favorite ways to use them on a JIRA screen. I humbly tip my metaphorical hat to Neal Applebaum whose JTOOL-75 post got me started with these fields. Grouping related fields If […]

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JIRA Tip: Leveraging the Project description

Luckily for us JIRA Administrators, a Project Administrator can themselves control who can access their project. Assuming the JIRA Administrator set up the Security Scheme utilizing project roles rather than groups, then the Project Administer can add and remove people from those roles to determine their level of access. How does a typical JIRA user […]

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Persuading your organization to use JIRA

Most organizations have hundreds of things that are tracked: work requests, physical inventory, project artifacts, and many more. Maybe they’ve heard of JIRA and maybe they haven’t. However, if you know and love JIRA like I do, it will become your mission in life to “sell” them on the advantages of adopting JIRA.   Step […]

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Documenting JIRA Workflows

In addition to administering JIRA, I also perform as a Business Systems Analyst. This involves running several worksessions with a business area, to understand what they need to track and how it needs to be controlled or managed, and then to determine how that can best be accomplished in JIRA. As I’ve worked with business […]

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